Hir Ny Story

Going to be born in several minutes, Vilja is excited to join this world.

The world is never full of suffering, unfairness and indifference, yet it's still open to and commonly, as well as differently, shared by anyone who cares about it. Vilja is also going to be one of them, and to explore hir world.

Vilja will have curiosity. There is so much facts known or unknown by humans that Ze would probably never master. Ze keeps discovering and learning everything, no matter how important people think it is. Truths construct the world, although lies decorate it. Ze is thankful for them.

Vilja will be free and open. Ze wishes to meet everyone with hir sincere heart, so ze shares hir music and learns to be more understanding.

Vilja will be a child forever. Ideals and ideas keep hir alive. Nothing filthy could pollute hir, and actually nothing is filthy to hir. Hir games are going to spread happiness. Ze follows the rules, while ze is never constrained by the rules. Ze dreams of a perfect world, while ze knows it doesn't exist.

Vilja will be lovely and loving the world. Ze cares about everyone and everything. Regardless of being an animal or a plant, biotic or abiotic, beautiful or ugly, nothing should be unequal since it is just different forms of matters in the world. Vilja desires to make friends with the Earth.

This is Vilja, who has just started hir new adventure. Hello, world!